‘You are a rude, terrible person’ : Trump attacks CNN reporter

‘You are a rude, terrible person’ : Trump attacks CNN reporter

Thank you, Mr President. I wanted to challenge you
on one of the statements that you made in the
tail end of the campaign in the midterms.
– Here we go. Well, if you don’t mind,
Mr President. – Let’s go, come on. That this caravan
was an invasion. – I consider it to be
an invasion. As you know, Mr President,
the caravan was not an invasion, it’s a group
of migrants moving up from central America
towards the border with the US. – Thank you for telling
me that. I appreciate it. Why did you characterise
it as such? – Because I consider it
an invasion. – You and I have a
difference of opinion. But do you think that
you demonised immigrants in this election?
– Not at all. – I want them to come in
to the country but they – have to come in legally.
You know, they have to – come in, Jim,
through a process. – I want it to be a process
and I want people to come in – and we need
the people. But your campaign …
– Wait! Wait, wait. – You know why we need
the people, don’t you? – Because we have hundreds
of companies moving in. – We need the people. But your campaign had
and ad showing migrants climbing over walls
and so on. – Well, that’s true.
They weren’t actors. They’re not going
to be doing that. – They weren’t actors.
Well, no, it was true. – Do you think they
were actors? – They weren’t actors. – They didn’t come
from Hollywood. – These were …
These were people … – This was an actual,
you know, it happened – a few days ago
and er … They’re hundreds of
miles away though. They’re hundreds and
hundreds of miles away. That’s not an invasion.
– You know what, – I think you should let
me run the country, – you run CNN and,
if you did it well, – your ratings would
be much better. Well, let me ask …
If I may ask one more question. – That’s enough. Mr President, if I may ask
one more question, are you worried …
– That’s enough. – That’s enough.
That’s enough. The other folks have had …
Pardon me, Ma’am, I’m … – Excuse me,
that’s enough. Mr President, I had one
other question, if I may ask. – Peter, let’s go. On the Russia investigation
are you concerned that you may have
indictments … – I’m not concerned
about anything – with the Russian
investigation – because it’s a hoax. – That’s enough.
Put down the mic. Mr President, are you
worried about indictments coming down in
this investigation? –– Mr President … – I tell you what,
CNN should be ashamed – of itself, having you
working for them. – You are a rude,
terrible person. – You shouldn’t be
working for CNN. – Go ahead. –– I think that’s unfair. – You’re a very
rude person. – The way you treat
Sarah Huckabee is horrible. – And the way you treat
other people are horrible. –– Mr President, you
repeatedly over the course of … [Unclear] enemy of the people …
– OK, just sit down please. [Unclear question]
– Well, when you report – fake news … No. – When you report fake news,
which CNN does a lot, – you are the enemy
of the people.

100 thoughts on “‘You are a rude, terrible person’ : Trump attacks CNN reporter

  1. 2019
    "…they have to come in LEGALLY"
    Now, what is wrong with that statement?
    I am not even a Trump fan.

  2. Calling someone rude and terrible an attack??? Oh man big time CNN reporter can't handle a bit of truth. No wonder the media gets worse by the day.

  3. U ll never read this trump but still the people working under you will keep him safe the american kingdom cant and must not fall

  4. TUTTI IN TUTTO IL MONDO VOREBBERO FARE LA FINE DI J.F.Kennedy…….in questo spirito puro U.S.A. si identificano piu' di 3/4 di esseri umani CONCLUSIONE GLI U.S.A. sono e saranno il mondo il dollaro U.S.A. l' ho e' gia' il mondo pianifichi lo "zoccolo duro" del dollaro U.S.A. !!

  5. I am from India and I like Trump a lot. He is very clear , courageous and practical. He is a true Gemini like me.

  6. Trump is right. That went from genuine questioning to just being provocative. Trump gave him plenty of leeway but told him when to stop at the right time.

  7. To those immigrants is impossible to come legally an even those who tried to applied for legally to move out their countries it's impossible, you should check their requirements! This who are persecuted by their government if they try to apply for a visa they'll be put in jailed right a away! Do you understand?

  8. in australia we have lousy politictions but when it comes out boarder no man or woman would ever be aloud to talk to out prime ministers the way american jornos do!
    its just not excepted in australia.we have very tight boarder rules and its near impossilbe for immigrants to get into australia illegally!
    soon as the boarder control police pick up on the boat loads on our coastlines they go directly to christmas island to be processed and most get sent back where they come from.the rest stay at christmas island for many years untill there processed correctly.!

  9. This is the first time that three generations of Americans have ever heard the word no . In 1941 I saluted 50 stars on the flag of the United States in 2019 they became 50 pacifiers

  10. Donald Trump is the rude horrible person who incites this violence with his hatred and his racism Donald Trump has nobody to blame but himself Donald Trump is the cause of all this speak about violence again Goomba

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  12. When your president ask you to keep quiet you keep quiet…that's just totally unacceptable and a disrespect for the office from CNN

  13. This proof to use that Trump is hiding something that he Does'nt wants us to know about. So let us try to investigate what Trump is trying to do to our community in America. Do not judge the guy that was trying to know Why ? ask you self why is Trump hiding the truth from us the citizens of America. Thanks You !

  14. And to think this man has done infinitely more to fix America than any president in recent history. Especially the black community with the first step prison reform bill and giving 800 billion to fix the leakage in 401ks of inner city minorities. No wonder Johnson the founder of BET and the first black billionaire is so happy to work with him. Gotta love a politician that keeps his promises and strengthens America in every way. Really doing everything he can got those most in need like our inner city Americans.

  15. Trump is 100 percent correct. The reporter keeps at it and wouldn’t stop. He keeps standing up and interrupting. That’s very unprofessional. But then again, what else do you expect from CNN? You can’t trust CNN for all its inflated, constructed “news stories”.

  16. CNN, is the most Negative & fakest news ever, if u guys hv the guts, do the same thing with Saudi Arabia's prince

  17. President Trump didn't "attack" anyone. Question, isn't Trump allowed to defend himself and not put up with blowhards like Acosta. Fight on Trump!

  18. I don't particularly like Trump and I disagree with him on some points, but regarding immigration, he is spot on. We need someone like that here in the EU

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